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To make it very convenient for our customers, the hair curler is wireless, you don't have to be near an outlet, as a result, you can get your quick and professional curls wherever you are, whenever you want. To make it even more convenient you don't need a special cable to charge it rather you can charge it with a standard micro USB cable that almost everyone has but we also include one in the box just in case you don't. But that's not all, as a bonus we've also added a USB port, meaning you can charge your devices such as your smartphone on the go wherever you are.

easy to use wirless hair curler

Easy to Use

A product wouldn't be convenient if it was hard to use, therefore our product is as easy as 1,2,3 and you have perfect curls. Step 1 put your desired settings, Step 2 place your hair in the curling room, Step 3 press start and wait for a few seconds for your perfect curls. That's it its that simple yet the result is amazing.

2 directional easy to use

2 Directional

In order to get perfect looking curls, our hair curler spins both directions so your curls can look perfect on either side of your hair and get whatever style of curls you want to make your hair look just like you want. It also has the advantage that if your hair ever gets stuck you can simply make the curler spin the opposite side to make your hair come out smoothly and easily.

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Automatic wireless hair curler

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